The North Pacific Union Conference operates over 110 elementary and secondary schools throughout the Northwest, with approximately 6500 students attending each year. In addition, they operate Walla Walla University, featuring a full collegiate liberal arts curriculum. Seventh-day Adventist schools are open to all qualified students, regardless of gender, race, color, ethnic background, or country of origin.

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Rivergate Adventist Elementary School

1505 Rivergate School Rd.
Gladstone, Oregon 97027
Phone: 503-656-0544

Tabernacle is one of several constituent churches that support and direct Rivergate.

Rivergate Adventist Elementary School (“Rivergate”) is a Adventist Christian school accredited through the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS) providing education in the Kindergarten through Eighth grades, as well as a pre-school on the premises.

Adventist education seeks to develop a life of faith in God and respect for the dignity of all human beings; to build character akin to that of the Creator; to nurture thinkers rather than mere reflectors of others’ thoughts; to promote loving service rather than selfish ambition; to ensure maximum development of each individual’s potential; and to embrace all that is true, good, and beautiful. An education of this kind imparts far more than academic knowledge. It fosters a balanced development of the whole person – physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Working together, homes, schools, and churches cooperate with divine agencies in preparing learners for responsible citizenship in this world and in the world to come.

In addition to daily worships, Bible classes and special weeks of prayer, we meet every Friday morning at 8:40 for singing and a devotional.  Parents are always welcome to join us.

Rivergate’s goals and objectives for education include:

  1. To teach children that Jesus wants to be and will be their best friend
  2. To teach Biblical and Christian values
  3. To develop each child’s individual potential
  4. To help students develop feelings of self-worth
  5. To help students develop an interest in, and experience the joy of learning
  6. To teach students to work and play cooperatively with other
  7. To help students understand their choices and accept responsibility including the consequences or rewards that come with those choices
  8. To provide a warm and nurturing environment for children while away from their homes and parents
  9. To help the students learn to think for themselves and not be merely reflectors of others’ thoughts
  10. To impart knowledge, understanding, and a personal relationship with God as the Creator and Source of life


Portland Adventist Elementary School

3990 NW 1st St
Gresham OR 97030-6312
Phone: 503-665-4102
Fax: 503-665-9486

Where Christ is Exalted and Students Excel

The Seventh-day Adventist Church recognizes each student’s individual value as a child of God. Portland Adventist Elementary School is committed to excellence in Christian education while leading each student in a growing relationship with Christ. Our commitment is to a balanced experience in the areas of spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development that will enable students to face the challenges of life and to contribute to society.

The vision we provide for our children depends on how we educate them today. Their legacy of inheritance will be determined by our ability to deal with the present. Our commitment to their future will only be realized when we inspire our children to achieve their greatest potential.

Tualatin Valley Academy

21975 W Baseline Rd
Hillsboro OR 97123-6240
Phone: 503-649-5518
Fax: 503-642-7654

Tualatin Valley Academy was established to provide an excellent educational experience for students within a distinctively Christian environment. As part of the largest Protestant educational system in the world, our faculty and staff continue the system wide educational tradition of encouraging and nurturing children to develop and perform at their highest potential academically, emotionally, physically, and socially.

Milo Adventist Academy

324 Milo Drive
Days Creek, OR 97429

Milo Adventist Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist boarding high school nestled in the foothills of the southern Oregon Cascades. Milo’s 408 acres are bordered by the South Umpqua river and the surrounding hills.

Milo Academy has wonderful teachers, a staff who truly care about each student, deans who encourage a Christian lifestyle, but most of all it has students who show what God is all about, no matter who is watching. It’s nice to see young people and some older who practice what they preach. When they say something they truly believe it.


Portland Adventist Academy

1500 SE 96th Ave
Portland OR 97216-2535
Phone: 503-255-8372
Fax: 503-255-5132

We are a Christian high school serving Portland, Oregon families for 100 years and counting.

As a modern college preparatory school, we now serve students from around the world with an impressive International Student program. We exist to build people of character and provide an educational environment where students and families can grow in Christ.

Our mission is summed up in our motto: Christ Centered, Character Driven. Interaction between faculty, students, alumni, and our community at large is focused on the character traits of courage, loyalty, integrity, curiosity and concern for others.