Keith Acker

Keith Acker

Welcome to Tabernacle Church!  Whether you are a member or considering to be our guest, we want you to feel welcome and loved here.  We are a loving church family and look forward to loving you as well.  If you are new to Tabernacle, you are in good company, because our family is new here too!  We hope you will feel as much love and acceptance as we have felt here.

Just a little note about our family.  I was raised in an Adventist pastor’s family in Pennsylvania.  My wife, Carol, was raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin.  We met at Southern Adventist University and the rest is history.  We have four sons.  Mike lives in Pennsylvania with my sister and is attending Bloomsburg University. Caleb enjoys soccer and basketball and has been learning the book of Matthew for the Pathfinder Bible Achievement.  Corban also enjoys soccer and basketball at Rivergate and enjoys a good game of Risk anytime.  Isaac is enjoying the ABL league at Portland Adventist Academy and loves the seating arrangement in his 4th grade class at Rivergate.  We are all enjoying Carol being home this year and helping us get settled into our new home and she takes a break from time to time to help substitute teach at Rivergate Adventist Elementary School.

I am excited to be here in Portland and have been praying that God will reveal His plan for the next page in Tabernacle’s history book.  I believe in prayer and have already seen God answering our prayers and revealing His plans for us.  Some areas where I see God working – members are beginning to sense God leading them to serve the church and community in a variety of ways, opportunities to serve the homeless have increased, openings for ministry at OHSU continue to present themselves, and a growing commitment to youth and young adult ministry has emerged.

I believe God has led our family to Tabernacle at this time, perhaps He is leading  you here too!

God Bless,

Pastor Keith Acker

Assistant Pastor
Troy Wallace
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