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When every other voice is hushed, and in quietness we wait before him, the silence of the soul makes more distinct the voice of God. (DA 363).

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“So many today are looking forward to the promised latter rain of the Holy Spirit—and rightly so! But unfortunately, most believe that merely by our joining in united prayer all over the world, the Spirit will then believe that it is time to come with the promised power.

However, God is not playing games with us! The latter rain did begin in the 1888-1895 era, but it was largely “resisted” by church leaders, we are told. I know, that is hard to believe and surely needs some explanations—all of which Ron addressed in Volume One. If few are aware of how Christ was really treated over 125 years ago even among our own church fathers, is it possible that we are still wounding Him by our naïve or willful ignorance today?

In this volume, Ron zeroes in on “what” was “resisted” and how that could very well be continuing today. In the several years since The Return of the Latter Rain was published, I have not seen anyone dispute any of his voluminous evidence for the clarity of what was  preached/taught in 1888-1892—and why “the latter rain” has been delayed ever since those fateful years.

Wounded in the House of His Friends brings us face to face with the reality of divine sufferings that were intensified during the 1888 episode and aftermath and that continue to this very day.” Herbert E. Douglass  (emphasis supplied)

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A Call to the Churches in America

The amazing and inspiring story of the revival of God’s church and of how God led His people step by step out of a persecuting Russia as they listened to His voice. If you are seeking a renewed experience, you will be blessed by this testimony of living faith. The story doesn’t have to end here though. God is calling and waiting for a people with faith in Him still.



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The Discipleship Handbook: A Resource for SDA Church Members 

Discussion with the author

“I have never read anything better on discipleship than this Discipleship Handbook. Its organization, completeness, faith­fulness to the Bible, and clarity are remarkable. But its best jewel is its content. Nothing important to being a good Seventh-day Adventist disciple is missing. Every Adventist should read and practice its content. Personal spiritual growth and the growth of the church in membership would be a permanent reality. God will bless everyone who practices its teachings.” – Mario Veloso, Former Associate Secretary, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

“The practical and succinct nature of this Discipleship Handbook will be a tremendous blessing to new and older members alike. What a delight to see resources such as this handbook that affirm and educate church members in the Seventh-day Adventist faith while also mobilizing them for personal evangelistic outreach! This is what the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy instruct and encourage.

Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, this important Discipleship Handbook, adding to the many wonderful resources produced by the church, will help fulfill God’s great commission to ‘Go . . . and make disciples’ (Matthew 28:19). What a privilege to be part of this great commission and final loud cry to the world, sharing the everlasting gospel in the context of the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14! This handbook puts into action the marvelous counsel from the Spirit of Prophecy, ‘The work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers’ (Testimonies for the Church, vol. 9, p. 117). Jesus is coming soon! So lift that banner high and tell of the One who has given us salvation and who will soon return to take us home! Maranatha!” – Ted N. C. Wilson, President, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Latest Acquisitions

  • Lessons on Faith – Alonzo T. Jones
  • Forty Years in the Wilderness in Type and Antitype – Taylor G Bunch
  • Waiting and longing : being ready for the return of Jesus, whenever it happens – Randall L. Roberts
  • Islam and the Jews: The Unfinished Battle – Mark A. Gabriel
  • The Wine of Roman Babylon – Mary E. Walsh
  • The Passion of Love: He Did it for You – Ellen G. White
  • Prayer – Ellen G. White
  • The Bible Tells Me: About When Satan Tried to Rule – Gladys Sims Stump
  • Christmas in My Heart: Book 7 (1998) – Joe L. Wheeler
  • Christmas in my heart: Book 26 ( 2017) – Joe L. Wheeler
  • The battle for christian music – Tim Fisher
  • Notes on Music – Louis Torres
  • Jeanie goes to the mission field – Wilma Ross Westphal
  • George Frideric Handel, Composer of Messiah (Sowers) – Charles Ludwig
  • Story of Jonah – Davidson And Marshall
  • Happy Sabbaths – Miriam Hardinge
  • Cooking with the Micheff Sisters: A Vegan Vegetarian Cookbook – Linda Micheff Johnson
  • Corrie Ten Boom – Sam Wellman
  • Jonathan Edwards – Helen Kooiman Hosier
  • Adventist Potluck Cookbook: Favorite Vegetarian Recipes from Fellowship Halls Across the Country – Debby Wade
  • Eric Liddell – Ellen W. Caughey
  • How to Talk so Kids Can Learn: At Home and in School – Adele Faber


September 2018


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February  2018


  • Kamwendo – Josephine Cunnington Edwards
  • Triumphant in suffering – Merlin L. Neff
  • Tearing the Shroud from the Antichrist – Henry Feyerabend
  • Glimpses of God – Steven R. Mosley
  • Grace on Trial – Robert J. Wieland
  • Becoming a Woman of Honor – Marilyn Willett Heavilin
  • Becoming a Man of Honor – Merrill J. Oster
  • Ransom and Reunion Through the Sanctuary – W. D. Frazee
  • Your Personality Tree – Florence Littauer
  • A Time To Grow – Patricia R. Garey
  • 40 Days – Dennis Smith
  • Truth Matters escaping the labyrinth of Error – Walter Veith


  • Survival Kit for Marriage – Bill Self
  • Bible Stories: Creation, Noah’s Ark, Christmas, Easter – Benny Alex
  • Have You Seen the Wind? – Kathleen Crawford
  • Baby animals (Curious creatures) – Bernice Rappoport
  • The Bible in Education – Alonzo T. Jones
  • Operation Blueprint: Earth’s Final Movie – Ivor Myers
  • Christ’s Way to Pray: How Christ Prays With Us and For Us – Philip G. Samaan
  • 144,000 Sealed: Special Protection Promised for the Time of Trouble – Louis F. Were
  • On the Case: The Doctor is in – Steve Case
  • Everlasting Covenant – Ellet J. Waggoner
  • Red Alert: Hurtling into Eternity: Interpreting Today’s Headlines in Light of Bible Prophecy – Herbert Edgar Douglass
  • The Refiner’s Fire – Gavin Anthony
  • Christ and His righteousness – E. J Waggoner
  • The Revive Cafe Cookbook 4 – Jeremy Dixon
  • The Revive Cafe Cookbook 3 – Jeremy Dixon
  • The Total Vegetarian Cookbook – Barbara Watson
  • Natural Lifestyle Cooking: Healthy, Tasty Plant-Based Recipes – Ernestine Finley


  • When You Open Your Bible – Paul B. Ricchiuti
  • “Tell Me About Ellen White” – Marye Trim
  • Path to the Heart – Glenn A. Coon
  • Obedience of Faith – Morris Venden
  • Margie Asks Why – Laura Rocke Winn
  • The Called..The Chosen – Ken McFarland
  • Mindy – June Strong
  • Into the Blzzard – Olivine Nadeau Bohner
  • How Come I ‘m Not the Ringmaster? – Tom L. Sanford
  • Following Jesus – Roennfeldt. Peter
  • Secrets of the Lost races – Rene Noorbergen
  • Journal of a Not-So-Perfect Daughter – Nancy Carver Abbott
  • What Every Woman Wants in a Man/What Every Man Wants in a Woman – John Hagee
  • Taylor G. Bunch, The Ten Commandments – Taylor G. Bunch
  • For Better or For Worse – Gordon E. Christo
  • Zion: Champion for God – Joy J Matthews
  • Caveman Theology: Salvation Made Simple – Doug Batchelor
  • The Printed Prophets: The Vital Role of Literature in the Last Days – Lemuel Olan Jimenez
  • Boundaries in Marriage: Understanding the Choices That Make or Break Loving Relationships – Henry Cloud
  • Teaching Kids Authentic Worship: How to Keep Them Close to God for Life – Kathleen Chapman
  • The Gift from the River: And Other Stories – Loron Wade
  • The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work – John Gottman
  • The Engine 2 Diet – Rip Esselstyn
  • Huldah – Ken McFarland
  • A Matter of Conscience – P. Harold Pervis, Sr.
  • Touched by a miracle: More true stories about Angels – Nathalie Ladner-Bischoff
  • Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way – Dan Buettner
  • Connection: How to Have a Relationship with God – Steve Case
  • Financial Peace: Putting Common Sense Into Your Dollars and Cents – Dave Ramsey
  • It’s Your Money Isn’t It? – G Edward Reid
  • One Miracle After Another: The Pavel Goia Story – Greg Budd
  • Battle of the spirits – G. Edward Reid


  • Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe – Del Matthew Bigtree
  • William Bradford: Read-a-long Sing-a-long – Richard Rich
  • The Dawning: Christianity in the Roman Empire
  • War Room
  • National Geographic: America’s Greatest Animals
  • The Ultimate Passover
  • Forks over Knives
  • Earthflight
  • The Creation: Earth is a Witness
  • SAMUEL and the Call of God – SuperBook
  • The Case for a Creator
October 2017


  • No Heil Hitler! – Paul Cieslar
  • Diamondola – Mildred Thompson Olson
  • Guide’s Greatest Discovery Stories – Lori Peckham
  • Man-Eaters of Malekula – Roy Brandstater
  • Dollars and Sense from Grandmommy – Kathy Reid
  • Born to Pioneer – May Lemmon
  • The Watchers – Bradley Booth
  • Dearest Folks – Margaret Watts
  • D. L. Moody: The American Evangelist – Bonnie C. Harvey
  • Mary Slessor: Queen of Calabar – Sam Wellman
  • Fanny Crosby: The Hymn Writer – Bernard Ruffin


  • The Love Fight: Build A Marriage That Lasts – Tony Ferretti
  • Love Seasons – Jeffrey and Pattiejean Brown
  • 35 Secrets for Successful and Happy Marriages – Mike and Gayle Tucker
  • Experimenting with God in Families and School – Raymond Moore
  • Born Yesterday – Rachel Williams-Smith


  • The Coming Oil Crisis – Ivor Myers
  • Meek and Mighty: The Man Moses – Ellen G. White
  • America, the Papacy and the Signs of the Times – Aubrey L. Duncan
  • S. N. Haskell – Gerald Wheeler
  • 500 years of protest and liberty – Nicholas Patrick Miller
  • They Called Him Rabbi – Mervyn A. Warren
  • Jesus: 7 Keys to Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation – Steve Case
  • The Long Road to Armageddon – Marvin Moore
  • Boot Camp for the Last Days -Randy Maxwell
  • Accepting Ellen White – Theodore N. Levterov
  • A Nation In God’s Hands – Jud Lake
  • Values-led Lives – Llewellyn Edwards
  • Two Sacrifices One Destiny – Pastor Shahbaz
  • Morning’s Trumpet – Lewis R. Walton
  • The Message Behind the Movement – George E Knowles
  • Reinvent Your Sabbath School – Chris Blake
  • Exploring Galatians and Ephesians – George R. Knight
  • Gospels in Conflict – George R. Knight
  • The Blessing of Adversity – Barry C. Black
  • The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer – Dan Buettner
  • Winsome Witnessing: Dynamic Ways To Share Your Faith! – Gary Gibbs
  • Not My Son, Lord – Glen Robinson
  • J. N. Loughborough – Brian Eugene Strayer
  • Silver Linings: On a Cloudy Day Look for – Dayle Allen Shockley


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